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Please visit our neighbors at the sites below.

    Please visit the Hurricane Katrina Memorials site

    Please see, for World Memorial ideas for the fallen victim.

    A very moving tribute can be found at, by Patricia Welch and Pete DuBarry.

    Listen to Now That You're an Angel, a wonderful tribute by Guy Soucy. Lyrics

    Visit the USDA Forest Service Living Memorials Project to learn about the healing power of trees. Search the national registry for living memorials in your area or register your own project. This is a wonderful site that I highly recommend.

    Check out a collection of photos by photographer Chris Macke from before, during and after the attacks.

    Visit Adam's Angels to help support children who lost parents in the 9/11 tragedy.

    Don't miss September 11, 2001: Gay Victims & Heroes, a memorial site for Gay Victims and Heroes.

    Please visit The Port Authority Police Memorial to pay your respects and show support.

    Check out "Divided We Fall", a song by Richie Christopher Nobrega.

    The Flag of Remembrance will be displayed at the New York Historical Society, and will travel around the country before finding a permanent home. We are not-for-profit and accept no donations.

    Browse for a memorial to the thoughts and feelings of people when they heard of the tragic events of September 11th. (does not display in Netscape correctly)

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Now That You're An Angel
(G. Soucy / G. Soucy)

I didn't have time to to say I love you
I didn't have time to say how much I cared
I didn't have time to tell you how proud I was
I didn't have time to show you, how I really felt

I didn't have time to say I'm sorry
I didn't have time to hold you one last time
The day you where taken away from me
Has left me helpless...hurting..., oh what can i do!

    My hands are tied, I can't fly
    I wanna reach for the sky
    To feel your soul, one more time
    My hands are tied, I can't fly
    What do I do, where do I go,
    I miss you so much, I feel empty inside
    I can't let go, my heart won't die
    My hands are tied, I can't fly

I didn't have time to sew up, those deepest wounds
I didn't have time to give us another chance
You being swept away like a leaf in the park,
Has left me, helpless, hurtin....oh what can I do...!


If I only I Had Another Chance,
If Only I knew you'd be leaving so fast
The hardest thing for me you know....
Is that I didn't have time, no I didn't have time, no I didn't have time
to say Goodbye........GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!


You're looking at me, saying it's all right, but I can't hear

Copyright © 2002 Guy Soucy (Email: