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How this site came to be.


Can one person make a difference in this world?

In the hours immediately after the tragedies of September 11th, 2001, I, like most people, felt compelled to do something to help. Being in Portland, Oregon was not advantageous to trying any sort of on-site assistance. With my experience in web page authoring and databases, I decided that this would be my way to assist and help people all over the world, by giving them a place to visit and pay their respects to all of the lives lost.

I was fortunate that on the morning of September 12th, this URL was still available, and I immediately began work on putting the structure of the site together.

Your support is appreciated, for the victims of September 11th, their families and friends. This site will remain as a permanent memorial.

I hope that I have helped to make a positive impact on this world with the work I do on maintaining this site.

Thank you for visiting.
-Oliver in Portland

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